Do you want to learn how to sew? Or maybe you have experience sewing bags or quilting, but aren't sure how that translates to techniques used in garment sewing? Maybe you've learned how to sew basic things and are ready to level up. Maybe you don't even own a sewing machine yet, but you really want to see what sewing clothes is all about. Maybe you are an expert sewist and you want to help me shape this e-course!

If you fit in to any of these scenarios, then the e-course I am developing is for you. I will need people of ALL skill levels to test out the course before it's released, so if that's something that interests you, subscribe to the mailing list below. I will only email you to announce updates on the course and ask for testers.

What is involved in testing? You would take the course, provide feedback about both the video and written instruction, catch any errors or typos, and give thoughts in general about ways I could make the course even better. There will be a sewing pattern included in the course (which will already be tested), which you will also receive for free. 
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